Bug Slugger #1 (digital comic)

Wes Locher
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Slap bracelets. Bug squashing. Anthropomorphic narwhals.

A hero armed with a powerful and mysterious slap bracelet must defend his city against a siege of human-sized crickets led by an ill-tempered narwhal! But when The Kamereon comes across another bracelet-powered bug sluggin’ vigilante, he must decide if they are friend or foe while he still has a city left to call home.

Get your nostalgia on with enough references and homages to 90s pop culture, Japanese tokusatsu television, the Power Rangers, and other retro ephemera that you’ll have to wonder, “wow, just how old are the dudes who made this comic?”

24-page full color comic in PDF format.

Art & Colors by Loch Ness
Script & Letters by Wes Locher

  • 24-page comic in PDF format

  • Size
    30.3 MB
  • Length
    27 pages
  • 24-page comic in PDF format
  • Size30.3 MB
  • Length27 pages
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Bug Slugger #1 (digital comic)

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