Bug Slugger #2 (digital comic)

Wes Locher
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Slap bracelets. Bug squashing. Anthropomorphic narwhals.

A hero armed with a powerful and mysterious slap bracelet must defend his city against a siege of human-sized crickets led by an ill-tempered narwhal! 

Prepare your brain bucket for CHAPTER 2! 

Having struck a tentative alliance to rid the city of crickets, Kameron and Koshiko's investigation into the insect invasion leads them to a super-secret bug fight club. There, the Bug Slugger finds himself drafted into the competition while Koshiko uncovers Hellen's heinous intentions.

Secret origins are revealed as the plot thickens into a consistency similar to that of Nutella! Peppered with crotch hits, bathroom brawls, and mind-blowing reveals, this issue has something for everyone!

24-page full color comic in PDF format.

Art & Colors by Loch Ness
Script & Letters by Wes Locher

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24-page comic in PDF format

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