Bug Slugger #3 (digital comic)

Wes Locher
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Slap bracelets. Bug squashing. Anthropomorphic narwhals.

A hero armed with a powerful and mysterious slap bracelet must defend his city against a siege of human-sized crickets led by an ill-tempered narwhal! 

Prepare your gray matter for CHAPTER 3! 

Kamereon and Koshiko must race the clock to stop Hellen from wiping out an entire planet! Meanwhile, the unlikely heroes learn the origin of their superpowered slap bracelets, which have been sent to earth from Hellen’s target: Fiarrhea! (That’s right… FIARRHEA! It’s funny ‘cause it sounds like… well… you get it.)

In case you haven’t already guessed, Bug Slugger is going interplanetary! Strap in tight for flame-throwing insects, high speed space pursuits, and a bunch of other stuff that needs to happen in order to get to the book’s dramatic and exciting conclusion!

24-page full color comic in PDF format.

Art & Colors by Loch Ness
Script & Letters by Wes Locher

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24-page comic in PDF format

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